iPad Sports Betting Australia

Many Australians used to use their home computers to place bets online. When the fist smartphone came along, however, the online betting market went mobile and the iPhone became the bettors’ mobile device of choice. When Apple launched its iPad, they started selling very quickly and today they are the most popular mobile betting device in Australia and the world. What makes the iPad such a popular mobile device is the big screen; brilliant colour display and high definition touch screen technology. All the mobile bookmakers that are reviewed on this site offer a wide variety of betting apps for iOS on your iPad. Gone are the days when there were compatibility issues with iOS. With the popularity of the iPad today, all bookies offer compatible apps. If the bookmaker doesn’t offer native apps for the iPad, then you will be able to access the betting app through your browser, with no download necessary.

iPad Betting Covers More than Sports

All the sports betting sites reviewed here also offer a wide variety of gambling games too. Most sites will always offer the most popular gambling games, such as pokies, bingo, craps, poker and many others. When it comes to iPad betting, every bookmaker will offer different sports and games for the punter to choose from, so always be sure to read the reviews on this site before making a decision. If you own an iPad, you will always have many options to choose from. The mobile market is gaining ground and with the iPad being the most popular mobile device, bookmakers are developing more and a more betting apps for it. Of course the variety of sports is even bigger and as well as being able to bet on all the popular sports like rugby, cricket, football and horse racing, the punter can bet on niche sports like table tennis and water polo.

iPad Betting in Real Time

Live betting is fast and needs a quick response time from the bettor. The large screen of the iPad makes it an ideal device for live betting. Sometimes a bet will appear on the screen which needs to be hit immediately; this is much easier to do on a large touch screen. Another reason that iPad betting is so popular today is that all bookmakers offer iOS versions of their apps and if they don’t offer an app, then you will be able to bet directly through your browser.

Safety and Customer Support in iPad Betting

The mobile bookmakers that we have reviewed on this site all have a considerable amount of experience in the betting industry. They therefore have the expertise and experience to bring you the best that the industry can offer. No matter what you are betting on, you can also be sure that your personal information and your money will be kept safe at all times.

Why iPad Betting?

The iPad is the most sophisticated and the most popular tablet on the market today. It has superior graphics and an easy to use interface; it makes live betting easy and fast with its quick response time. If you an Australian that’s passionate about sports, racing, financial, election or entertainment punts and have never tried iPad betting before, then now is the definitely the time!


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