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Golf betting is customary and generally considered the perfect accompaniment to a game of golf, upping the ante and creating a truly spicy dish to be savoured. Sometimes fun, generally rewarding, and always enthralling, Golf betting will always be a feature of the game. The thrill of wagering on a sport where players overcome weather, course, psychological and opponent obstacles to sink a little white ball simply has to be experienced to be believed. And well worth the investment.

Australia is regarded world power with respect to sport generally, and has a particularly impressive history with the sport of golf. Golf is an exceptionally popular sport, complete with its own terminology, expressions and vocabulary, philosophical attributes, and etiquette. Honoured and respected by millions of players throughout the world, the sport of golf also boasts a knowledgeable and regular fan base. Traditionally, golfers would place golf bets with one another whilst on the course, and attempt to win money off each other during the game itself.

The expansion of golf betting into a sports book site staple is a comparatively new development, and despite many casual golfers still wagering money during a game, real professionals tend to leave the golf betting to spectators and armchair experts.

Golf betting sports book sites are fairly selective when it comes to the tournaments that they offer golf bets on. Clearly all the ‘majors’ will be included as these huge events such as the British Open, the Masters, the PGA and the US Open are some of the largest sporting events in the world. Although the Ladies Professional Golf events are sometimes omitted from sports betting sites, dedicated golfing gamblers will have a significant tournament available to golf bet on every single weekend. Golf is, however, notoriously difficult to bet on with any degree of certainty due to the high levels of difficulty and low levels of consistency which throw up different and often unexpected winners each week. Golf betting is thus more often associated with luck as opposed to form and pedigree.

There are two main mobile betting formats offered by sports books. The first, being the tournament win bet, is associated with more than just a bit of luck as it involves the selection of that weeks’ winner. This type of bet within the golfing realm is often utilised by amateur speculators simply having a lucky guess. Professional punters opt for matchups between individual players. Golf betting sports sites pick and post matchups on the site, and punters select which of the two will be more successful in the tournament at hand. This system is more reliable, easier to predict and better for calculating the odds. Punters are able to use sporting form and course nuances in this format with a greater degree of certainty, taking the pure guesswork out of the golf bets.

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Golf Betting Tips

There is a wide array of range of online sports betting sites catering expressly for Australians. Since these golf betting sites are also highly competitive in terms of attracting punters from Down Under, customers should, as standard, expect a high level of quality, excellent odds and wonderful, attractive bonuses.

Prudent sports book selection, coupled with thorough golfing knowledge and objective analysis of the participants will ensure that golf bets becomes the exciting and lucrative experience that it deserves to be, providing many hours of truly thrilling entertainment.

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