Darts Betting in Australia

It is believed that the sport of Darts originated from soldiers who threw short arrows at the bottom of a cask or tree trunk. As this wood dried some cracking would develop and these are speculated to be the inspiration for the section design of the modern day dartboard. As this pass time spread around the world, a conventional set of rules were chosen and a standard board design agreed upon. Since then it has been adopted as not only one of the most traditional and common pub games around the world, but also an internationally popular competitive sport.

It is very common place to put up a bet on a game of darts. Maybe win a fiver from your mates while on a night out. But that’s not all that modern darts betting is about. There’s a huge international community of darts players and professionals Phil “The Power” Taylor, who won the all-time most world championships ever (16). On such a professional scale, darts betting is very prominent. Even so much so that many events are sponsored by bookmaking companies, thanks to the popularity of it. This wagering on such events and tournaments is almost entirely done online, so you could get in on it from the comfort of your own home. There are so many aspects of the game to bet on too. From who wins, to the highest scores, and even the number of darts used.

Seeing as Australia has one of the largest betting communities in the world, it’s no surprise that a large majority of darts wagers come from the Oceanic country. Over 80% of Aussies are involved in some sort of online sports betting. And one of the big attractions of this is darts. With such a large community, it only means bigger payouts. If you know the players well enough, it should be relatively easy to capitalize in this field. With a good mixture of skill and luck, this can be one of the most lucrative pass times out there; a fact that punters from all over the world have realized, and are quickly taking full advantage of.

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Is Darts Betting for Me?

Are a sporting fan? Do you love the excitement and competition of the darting world? Or maybe you’re just looking to try something new? Get into the betting game with a simple and interesting sport, rife with an interesting history. Darts betting may well be for you. The popularity alone means that the possible winnings can be astounding. People from all over the globe have joined in, for the excitement and the grand chance to win big.


This being a popular sport amongst punters, the need for a decent system of placing wagers is clear. Thankfully internet betting sees to it that it’s not only possible, but convenient. Punters and darts enthusiasts around the world are using the power of the internet to fuel their passions. And now, you can join them.

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