Crown Oaks Day Betting Australia

Originally known as VRC (Victoria Racing Club) Oaks and recently changed to Crown Oaks Day, this is a prestigious horse race held shortly after the popular Melbourne Cup. It started out in 1961 as a one and a half mile race, and in 1972 was changed to a more conventional two thousand four hundred metres, in accordance with the widely accepted metric system, and then changed again the following year to two thousand five hundred metres for the purpose of a rounder distance. It is generally a competition for three year old thoroughbred horses set into weight groups.

One of the biggest attractions of Crown Oaks Day is the Fashions on the Field celebrations, which was introduced in 1962 in an effort to gain a larger female audience. This is why Crown Oaks Day is popularly known as Ladies’ Day. Many other smaller events around the world are also adopting this idea.

There’s a very active betting community in Australia, with over 80% of the country’s populous placing bets of some sort. With horse betting being among the most popular of the attractions. One reason for this is the absolutely staggering amount of horse races held there every year, with Crown Oaks Day being one of the more popular events.

The prize money for Crown Oaks Day is a whopping one million Australian dollars. So it’s not a huge surprise that it’s a hotspot for punters all over the world. Garnering over seventy thousand visitors per year, it’s the fastest growing crowd for any day in the event. With such a large audience, it only means that the possible winnings can be astounding. You can bet on any aspect of the race, from who the winner will be, to who will be in last place and even ever difficult trifecta (position one two and three). But if you can read the horses and the jockeys, and have your own fair share of luck, this could easily be one of the best times to cash in big and make this an ever more lucrative hobby. And thanks to online betting, you can get all the excitement of being there from within the comfort of your own home.

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Start Crown Oaks Day Betting

Do you have a passion for equestrianism? Do you think you can take on the odds? Or are you just hoping to find a new hobby? Then horse betting might be perfect for you, and what better time to start than a big prestigious event such as Crown Oaks Day?


This being one of the biggest sports in the punter community, horse racing has a strong online presence. Equestrian enthusiasts everywhere are constantly using the opportunities given to them by online sports betting sites. This is even bigger when huge events such as Crown Oaks Day come around. It’s a chance ripe for the picking, and now you can take it yourself.

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