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Australians love horse racing and they also love betting on horse racing! One of the most popular ways to bet on horse racing is at an online tote. A tote is a pooled bet comprising of all the bets that have been received from all the punters and then divided amongst the winners. For all those Australians who enjoy placing bets on horse racing, getting to know the tote is a really good idea. Those punters who have already taken part in pool betting will already have some experience.

One of the most exciting aspects of the totes betting, is that the board will change continuously, right up until the start of the race. So you will never know what the odds are going to be, right up until the last moment. The reason for this is that the odds will be determined by the pool. The more punters that place a particular bet, the less the payout will be, than if an outsider wins. The reason for this is the more punters that make a particular bet; the more punters have to be paid out.

There are several different betting options that make up the totes betting and these include a Win, Place, Exacta, Trifecta, Quadpot, Placepot, Jackpot, Scoop 6 and Swinger. The place bet and the win are the most popular choices, because they are the simplest bets and therefore perfect for both the novice and more experienced punters.

A Win is self explanatory, you bet on a horse to win and win the bet if it does. A Place bet is when you bet on a horse to come in a certain place, this is usually second or third place but sometimes even beyond that. An Each Way bet is a combination of a Win and a Place bet and is one of the best bets you can make at a tote. The Exacta bet means that you must pick the exact horses to come first and second place. The Trifecta bet is the same as the exacta but adds the third place horse as well. The Quadpot is a fun and inexpensive bet to make and you must choose horses to either place or win in 4 races. A Placepot requires the punter to choose horses to place in all 6 races of a race day and if they are one horse out they will lose the bet. The Jackpot requires the punter to select a winning horse for all 6 races of a day of racing, this is very difficult to predict, but the winnings are often excellent. This is similar to the Scoop 6, requiring the punter to pick the winner of 6 races of a race day, but is typically only allowed when there is a bigger pool, such as on a televised race on a Saturday. The Swinger is the most exotic of all Tote bets; this totes betting requires the punter to pick 2 horses that will place in the top 3. The winnings are paid out differently depending on the place of the 2 horses in the top 3.

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A race is even more exciting to watch when you have placed a bet and the totes betting is even more exciting horse racing betting. If you are a horse racing fan and haven’t been to a Tote yet, pick one of the top rated online sports betting sites that we recommend for Australians today!

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