How to Make Burp Cloths: A DIY Guide to 12 Patterns (2024)


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You need a lot of burp cloths, but don't waste money buying them. No matter your skill level, you can sew these simple squares.

How to Make Burp Cloths: A DIY Guide to 12 Patterns (2)

Learning how to make burp cloths is a wise investment of your time — you always need more than you think you will. Far from being used for only burping, burp cloths are priceless in the bassinet, tucked under those chubby chins and wiping runny noses.

Having a baby is expensive, but making your own burp cloths is a great way to cut costs. “I definitely think making them saves money. When I made my set of burp rags for my daughter, I bought a set of matching fabrics and then about two yards of minky,” saysChelsea Johnson, creator of Life With My Littles. Minky is a plush, 100 percent stretchy polyester fabric that resembles chenille and is a favorite among moms (and babies!) for burp cloths. “It was pretty cheap, and I made a bunch for the cost of buying only a few at the store,” Johnson adds.

You can easily go through a dozen cloth diapers used as burp rags in one day (then you’re grabbing for receiving blankets, dish towels and washcloths for your baby’s spit up!) so making a few dozen is recommended.

Here are a few easy DIYs to teach you how to make burp cloths:

  1. Make It Quick
    Johnson’s popular burp cloth tutorial onLife With My Littlesonly takes three steps and less than a yard of fabric.
  2. Use Batting
    “Burp cloths are very easy to make! They are actually a great project for a beginning sewist. You can whip them out in minutes!” saysLinda Gardner, the creator of Craftaholics Anonymous. She adds, “If you want a more absorbent burp cloth, you can add batting in the middle.” Gardner’s tutorial, “How to Sew Easy Burp Cloths,” is a breeze with bright, clear photos to guide you.
  3. Add Ribbon
    Super easy, super cute! Using beautiful ribbon and cloth diapers, this how-to fromGinger Snap Craftsshows you how to create cloths to match your baby’s nursery or make a simple baby shower gift — all with very little sewing!
  4. Round It Out
    “Every mom wants to feel she’s using something special for her baby,” saysDeby Colesof So Sew Easy. Her “Perfect Baby Burp Cloth Pattern” is a fave on Pinterest with almost 30,000 pins, and for good reason — the high-quality, boutique-style cloths are a breeze to make. “Using a fat quarter of fabric, a piece of backing such as toweling, in this case, or flannel, I was able to make them up quickly in sets of three and use the whole piece of fabric with very little waste,” says Coles. “Certainly a better value than the cheap ones you buy in the store that aren’t as nice and won’t last so long.”
  5. Embroider Initials
    Want to make your burp cloths a little more personal?Through My Front Porch’scloths are made with chenille and flannel and then custom embroidered to make it extra special.
  6. Print a Pattern
    This printable pattern fromStop Staring and…Start Sewingmakes this curved burp rag an easy job. Don’t forget to add matching onesies for a fun gift.
  7. Sew Finished Edges
    These large burp cloths fromJones Design Companyare made with terry cloth and linen (most fabric will work). The turned-in edges of the fabric side give them a designer look.
  8. Make It Loopy
    Dress up premade burp cloths with a twist … actually, a loop! This great idea fromMerriment Designadds a fabric loop to hold binkies or a little toy.
  9. Use Scraps
    Though this tutorial fromSteph Jacobsonis a bit more labor intensive, you end up with a unique gift or item for your own baby. It’s a good way to use extra fabric scraps, too.
  10. Add a Scalloped Trim
    She’s Kinda Craftydresses up burp cloths by adding an easy scalloped edge, made with jumbo ric rac.
  11. Ditch the Needle and Thread
    This tutorial fromBombshell Blingis perfect for crafty non-sewers who want a burp cloth that’s just as cute and handy as the sewn kind.
  12. Crochet a Border
    An adorable addition to any burp cloth, you can do this crocheted edging fromJade Louise Designseven if you’ve never crocheted before. This one’s especially sweet on cloths for baby girls.

Want more DIY ideas? Learn How to Make Cloth Diapers.

Margie Mars is themotherof eight and Oma of three. She writes for several top parenting sites and specializes in Attachment Parenting and Autism. Margie and her family live in Oregon. Follow Margie onFacebook.

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How to Make Burp Cloths: A DIY Guide to 12 Patterns (2024)


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